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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adventures in Faith: He Knows My Path

Did you ever search for the end of a rainbow, when you were a kid? 

I can clearly remember the 'big kids' in my neighborhood going off after a rain to 'search for the end of the rainbow'...and I couldn't go because I was to little. So I sat in my back yard, looking up at the sky, wondering where that rainbow ended, and what the big kids would find when the got there...a treasure? gold? a leprechaun?

This is a rainbow that we got to see from the front window the other day. As I looked at it, I did not find myself wondering about the end of it, or if there was a pot of gold. Those are kid things. I found myself wondering about grown up things. 

What is God doing in our lives?
Are we being tested?
Ok, I know we are being tested,
so WHY are we being testes?
How long will it last?
Do you hear the cry of our hearts, Lord?

And when I get into a funk like this, God always brings to mind Job. 
On the particular day of the rainbow my KLOVE Word of the Day e-mail had been the verse above 

Job 23:10
(Well done God! Don't you just love how He plants His word with perfect timing!)

After all the trials and losses in Job's life,
how AMAZING is if for him to be able to say "I will come forth as gold".
He knew and trusted God's plan for his life.

Even though Job couldn't see the end of the rainbow,
he knew in the end he would come forth as gold.
Purified by God.  

Lord, fill me with faith like Job's that I praise you through the testing, and come forth as gold. 


  1. Even though we know/believe that God's timing is always perfect, it is still very hard for us to wait. God is working out His will and His purposes in us during these times of waiting.

    Waiting creates an opportunity for us to learn to trust the Lord, to grow in patience, and to know Him in new ways. Waiting gives us time to study, pray, rest, and prepare for life's next challenge(s).

    No matter how it looks or feels, our waiting times are actually our green pastures ~ where we sheep find nourishment, rest, health, revival, and intimacy with our Good Shepherd = )

    Holding you close in my heart and prayers as I wait with you ~ Mom

  2. Oh, to see what God sees in our hardships...

    Fun fact... the end of the rainbow was across the street from us one time! Seriously! It was the coolest thing ever to see cows walking right through the rainbow!

  3. I love this post Veronica - what a great thing to think about when we see a rainbow.