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Monday, July 8, 2013

Adventures in the Basement: 50 Sheets of Drywall

If you follow Adventures of D and V on Facebook, you may have seen that we had an exciting weekend. My parents were in town, and we started working on the drywall in the basement!

Over the 4th of July weekend last year, we mixed up and poured the FIRST of MANY loads of concrete. At that point, hanging drywall was a distant dream, so it was very exciting to get to start the next phase of Operation: Finish Basement this weekend.

We had 50 sheets of drywall delivered to our house and my Dad and Daniel brought them all inside (no small task!! They carried them 2 sheets at a time, so 25 trips down the basement stairs...and drywall is not exactly light! They are pretty amazing!) 

We started drywalling in the bathroom and master bedroom...
This is the window above the toilet in the bathroom. 

And here is the master bedroom with almost all the drywall up!!

(Our friend Tom, Daniel, and my Dad hard at work.)

While the boys were working in the basement, my Mom and I worked up stairs on some projects, including cleaning all the windows. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help!! 

More pictures to come! 

Did you have a productive 4th of July weekend?

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  1. 25 trips! I do not envy the men :)

    Yay for parents helping though! Many hands make light work :)

  2. Oh, I have been wondering about the basement! Yea, for you and for such great parents. They are bound to be younger than me and Hubby for sure. I don't think Hubby could make 25 trips up and down stairs with drywall. :o) Looks like it was a most productive weekend. And, I just liked your page on FB so that I can follow along. Happy week dear!

  3. It always starts to feel like a room when the drywall goes up! Can't wait to see the finished result :)

  4. Woohoo! Progress and time with your folks-sounds great!

  5. We are in the middle of a 10 plus year remodel. We have to redo the bathroom again because we need a new tub. The old one leaks. Really liked your construction photos. Have fun finishing your basement.

  6. I'm tired just reading about the 25 trips down the stairs to the basement. I will say it looks nice so far. I'll keep checking in on the progress! I love seeing home projects - real people home projects come to life!

  7. Looks like it's coming along pretty well! We had family in town and although we didn't do as extensive of work as you did, it's always so helpful to have them around! :)

  8. Wow, what a job! It is going to look so good and be worth all of the work! Looking forward to seeing the final results :)

  9. holy cow! It's coming together I'm so excited for you!!