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Friday, May 31, 2013

Adventures in Life: May Favorite Things

So.....tomorrow is June 1st!!
 How in the world did the whole month of May fly past so quick?! 
Well, since it's the last day of May, 
I thought I would share with you my favorite things from the month.

1) These flower stamps. I usually just buy the regular forever stamps, you know, the ones with the flag on it. Well, a few weeks ago when I was at the post office, I saw these stamps. Are they not the prettiest stamps you have ever seen! I don't even want to use them - I just want to look at them!

2) TV ~ May is the month of winter show finales and the start of the summer shows. Our favorite finale was:
The Office Finale
I thought they ended the show so well! Closure all around. Classic quotables from all the characters, including an amazingly delivered "That's what she said" from Michael Scott. Loved it...and totally cried. 

And we have been counting down the days for the start of the new season of
Love this show! Have you seen it? We love it!!!

3) Going on bike rides ~ Sorry, no picture of me on a my bike, but now that the weather is nicer, I've been enjoying the many bike trails in the area. 

4) The perfect summer drink ~ San Pellegrino Lemon. Bubbly, lemony, refreshing. It's my favorite! 

Do you have any favorite things from May? 


  1. Ahhh!!! The Office Finale! No words to describe my disappointment that it is over. :( The finale was amazing though!

  2. I need to get to the post office ASAP for those stamps. Flowers are my jam! I also really loved The Office (it's like my kids grew up and married each other - every parent's dream - LOL!)

  3. I was sobbing during the Office finale! You're right, the finale was so well done! And I love San Pellegrino too. Perfect refreshing drink for the summer heat

  4. Oh, I've got to go get me some of those stamps. I LOVE pretty stamps. And, I might have to check out Master Chef. So good to be back visiting around after being gone.
    Happy weekend!

  5. I'm SO glad Michael made an appearance on The Office. I kept hearing that he wasn't...but yayyy for him being there! Those flowers stamps are gorgeous. I love something other than the flat stamps every now and then!