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Friday, August 3, 2012

Adventures in Life: Just A Thought and An Update

I heard a quote the other day that got me thinking...

"Life wouldn't seem so hard, 
           if we didn't expect it to be so easy."

There have been multiple times that these words have popped into my head the past few days...
These words came to mind today when watching the Olympics - those athletes have worked so hard and do not expect that it will be easy to win a gold medal ~ although often they make it LOOK easy! 

When we were working in the basement this week, I was thinking about the quote and how we never expected this basement project to be easy, and if we had - oh my! would we have been wrong and at this point it may seem impossible.
For the first time we have 3 finished sections in a row! And you can actually tell that we are building walls...
We have also started on the other side of the house...
 And you know how much I love before and after (well this is not really an "after" picture, more of a during picture) above was taken this morning and below was taken in June. 
There is still lots of hard work ahead, but our progress is steady! 
Back to the quote - it actually came from our couples marriage devotional that we listen to in the morning. The context was marriage - and this is one thing we have tried to keep in mind since our wedding. We don't expect married life to be easy, and therefor we are motivated to work at it. But a funny thing happens - when you work something (marriage or really anything), it often becomes easier! 

Give it a try some time. Rather than just expecting something to be easy - expect to put some work into whatever you are doing. And just maybe it wont seem so hard in the end. 

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  1. Whoa, what a project! What are you gaining there, 2 feet?! It's going to be totally worth it!