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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Adventures in Blogging: ABC's of ME

I saw this on My Freshly Brewed Life and loved learning more about Barbie, so I thought I would play along and share the ABC's of ME. Here we go....

Age: 27
Bed size:  Queen. Would love a King some day, but alas our room is not big enough for it now...
Chore you dislike Dusting. 
Dogs Nope. I would love one but D is allergic :(
Essential start to your day:  Prayer and coffee and more coffee
Favorite color: Green
Gold or silver: Silver
Height: 5’4”
Instruments you play(ed): French Horn in Middle School. I have always wanted to learn piano...
Job title: Depends on the day. I work for myself (as a tutor) and 2 of Daniel's Aunts and Uncles. One owns a jewelry store and the other a trucking company. Both needed extra help, but didn't want to hire a full time employee (times are hard for small businesses) so I split my time between the two places. It is perfect for all of us!
Kids: Not yet...
Live: Illinois
Mom’s name: Deborah (Hi Mom J)
Nicknames: In High School, the girls on the swim team called me Ronnie, but I never really liked it.
Overnight hospital stays:  Nope, never.
Pet Peeves: People who don't use common sense. 
Quote from a movie: I love movies so this is HARD...Whenever Daniel and I golf (which is not often) I like to quote Happy Gilmore. " Just taaaaap it in, just give it a little tap, tap, tap-er-ooo". That is the best I can come up with right now. 
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Siblings: 1 younger brother.
Time you wake up: 6:00a
Underwear:  Of course!
Vegetables you don’t like: I like all veggies I can think of right now...
What makes you run late:  Um…traffic. I HATE being late! So there is not much that will make me late.
X-Rays you’ve had:  Ankle
Yummy food you make: If you were to ask my hubby he would say "Everything you make is yummy!!" I will go with Granola Bars.
Zoo animal favorite: Dolphins (but it makes me sad to see them in the zoo and not swimming free!)

There you have it, the ABC's of ME 

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  1. enjoyed reading all about you! I am also 27, live in Illinois, favorite color green and start my day with coffee and prayer. yeah for finding things in common! : ) Happy almost weekend!