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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Adventures of Rebekah: 9 Months Old

Dear Rebekah,

At lease once a day I hear myself saying "When did you become such a big girl?!" 
You really are growing so fast! You are 9 months old now - and what an exciting age this is! 

I would call this last month "the month of standing and teething". You discovered how to pull yourself up into standing position...and to do it all the time now. 

It took a few tumbles for you to learn how to get down once you were up, but you are now pretty much a pro at standing while holding onto something. 

Every time I sit down anywhere, you crawl over and stand up next to me. 
I have so much fun 'talking' to you. You can say 'Mama' and 'Dada' and 'bye-bye' and I heard you say 'hi' one time. You make lots of different noises and like to copy noises that I make. I just love hearing your sweet little voice babbling and singing away as your play. 

Sometimes your smiling face turns into your drama face, when I can't pick you up when you want to be held...or I don't share the food that I might be eating with you. 
Oh the drama! 
Look at those teeth! You have 3 teeth on the bottom and I suspect the top teeth are coming soon. For about a week this month, you were pretty miserable because of sore gums. Momma did everything she could think of to help you feel better, but snuggles and nursing were about all you wanted to do that week. 

You are very curious about everything. From the smallest speck on the floor to anything new you can see - you find a way to go investigate it. 

One thing we started doing this month is waving to Daddy when he leaves for work. And we try to meet him at the front door and wave as he gets home from work. Now, whenever we go to the front door, you get so excited and start to wave your little hands... Even if we are just getting the mail! 
(You make some pretty silly faces!)
You Aunt Olivia gave you your very first purse this month. You have had so much fun playing with it and the big girl items inside of it. One of the toys inside the purse is a little pink cell phone - but you still like Mommy's phone better. When Daddy calls during the day, I will put the phone on speaker and you like to talk with Daddy. After we hang up, you always grab for the phone and look it over saying "Dadadadada" like you wonder where he went to. Such a smart girl you are!
Mommy constantly catches you being a dare devil - trying to climb things that you know you should not. 
I call this your "Busted" face....

You still love to eat! You tried a few more new things this month - blueberries, cantaloupe, spinach, and you finally decided you like puffs! You kick your little feet and "mmmmmm" up a storm when I'm feeding you. AND you are getting the hang of feeding yourself! 

Some days you just want to be held all the time - so our solution is for you to ride on my back so mommy can get some things done around the house. You love to ride on my back and I love having you close to me.

Rebekah, you are such a special girl! God has really blessed Mommy and Daddy so much by letting us be your parents. We love you more everyday.

Here are some 9 month picture outtakes - It is more difficult each month to get a good pic! 

Silly Girl! 


  1. Cutie!! Can't wait to see her (and you!) this weekend :)

  2. What a little doll she is. Such cute pics. Thanks for sharing.

    Charlotte Moore

  3. I just love seeing all of her different facial expressions ~ she's so precious!!
    Those baby carriers are life savers ~ your brother practically lived in my baby carrier = )