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Monday, December 2, 2013

Adventures in Tradition ~ Happy Birthday Jesus Cake

Today is day one is a little series I've lined up for while we are away on vacation called:

I LOVE traditions. I look forward to our family traditions each year. And I love hearing about other people's traditions. So, I have asked some of my blogging buddies to share some of their holiday traditions with you, and who knows, maybe you will be inspired to start a new tradition this year!

I wanted to kick the series off by sharing a favorite Christmas tradition that my family had when I was little. My Grandmother was an amazing baker and cake decorator. Every year for our birthday she would make any kind of cake we wanted. I had an Oscar the Grouch pickle cake one year, a Barbie cake, My Little Pony was very exciting! She had all the fun cake decorating tools, and once a year, we got to use them to decorate a very special cake. At Christmas time we would each get to bake and decorate a little birthday cake. A Happy Birthday Jesus cake. She would make different colors of frosting. We could use whatever we wanted to decorate our cakes for Jesus. But the best part of the whole tradition was spending time with my Grandma, and having her teach me how to use the frosting tools (and getting to eat as much frosting as you wanted! Shh! Don't tell my mom!).

(Christmas 1990 ~ Aren't we the cutest?!)

(Christmas 1991)
And my personal best Happy Birthday Jesus cake, complete with manger and star...
(Ooi! Everyone has awkward teen year pictures, now you have seen mine! But just look at that rockin' birthday cake for Jesus!)

 If you would like to share a family tradition, you will get your chance on Friday, December 13th! Come on back here for the Adventures in Tradition Link Party! Until then, I've got some great blogging buddies filling in for me while we are away. And their traditions are pretty inspiring. You wont want to miss any of them! 

Libby @ Health, Love, & Fire is sharing her Toy and Joy tradition tomorrow.


  1. My sister does a Happy Birthday Jesus cake each year. Just wanted you to know that Hallmark has a Happy Birthday Jesus cupcake ornament this year. It has a candle, plays Happy Birthday and then you blow the candle is so cool!

  2. This is so cute I'm going to have to try and do this next year!