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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Adventures in Traditions: How YOU Can Join The Adventure!

I just love traditions.
Looking forward to an activity that you love, and savor because it only happens once a year. 
And fall marks the beginning of a season with tons of traditions.
Annual pumpkin patch visits.
Hiking trips to take in the fall colors.
That special dish you get to eat every Thanksgiving.
Making the year's first snow angle in the first snow of the winter.
Watching favorite Christmas movies.
A shopping trip with a friend or relative - on black Friday, or Christmas Eve!

(okay, okay, enough about snow and Christmas, right?!)

Well, this year I wanted to do a little series here called: 

Here is where you come in: 
I am looking for guest posters to share their traditions with the Adventures of D and V readers the first week of December! 

The tradition could be something your family did when you were growing up, or something you do now with your friends or family...or maybe something just you do! 

I've already got some AWESOME blogger friends lined up for this series, but I am looking to fill a few more spots. 
Adventures in Traditions will take place the first week of December (and maybe a little longer...).
(And just to give you an idea of the time schedule, I will need all posts to be e-mailed to me by November 24th. So you will have plenty of time to think, but I know schedules can be crazy these next 2 months and I wanted to get the word out early!)

If you are interested, shoot me an e-mail at
veronicalynnhill (at) gmail (dot) com
with the subject of "Adventures in Traditions"
and I will get you some more specifics!

So, would you like to join the Adventures in Traditions?! 


  1. Ooh fun idea! I can't think of anything I or my family does that's tradition...if I think of something, I'll get in touch. :)


  2. I love learning about other families traditions! :)