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Monday, May 27, 2013

Adventures in Baby Showers: Games and Activities

I will be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of "shower games". So when I was planning the Gender Neutral "Birds and the Bees" baby shower for my sweet friend Sarah, I wanted to find activities and games that were fun, but not over the top weird. 

When the guests first arrived there were 3 different stations set up around the house with activities for them to complete while we we mingled and drank (virgin) mimosas. 

1) "When will the baby be born" calendar ~ I filled in the due date, and the guests could make a guess as to the time and date the baby will be born. Then after the shower is done, the mom-to-be can take the calendar home and cross off the days (hopefully making them go by quickly!!)

2) Wives' tales and Boy or Girl Guesses and Photos ~ I printed up a bunch of wives' tales to help the guests descide if the baby would be a boy or a girl. 
It was fun for everyone to see what the mom-to-be was experiencing in her pregnancy. There was a sheet where you could write down your guess. After each guest made a guess, I took a picture of her with the mom-to-be and a sign recording their gender guess. 
**It is also easy to include family or friends who live far away in these previous 2 activities. I had some girlfriends from college send their gender guess and birthdate guess and filled them in on the calendar as well.

3) "Wee hour of the morning diaper stash" ~ Part of my gift to the mom-to-be was a box of diapers. This is her special stash of diapers to use in the middle of the night, to put a smile on her face, and remind her that she is a wonderful mom!! My favorite saying written (in Sharpie) on a diaper was "Everyone Poops!" 

Before eating lunch each guest tried their hand at remembering nursery rhymes in a Nursery Rhyme Fill In The Blank game. {Similar game here}.

After lunch I needed help with my other present for the mom-to-be ~ The Baby Shower Prayer Wreath. 

For more detailed information you can go to THIS POST , but basically I made the wreath ahead of time, and then had each guest write a short prayer on a colored strip of paper, and then I wove it into the wreath. The mom-to-be can hang the wreath in the baby's room and it can remind her that we are all praying for her. 

The one silly game we played was making diapers out of toilet paper. The guests were paired up and given a roll of toilet paper and 2 minutes to make a diaper on one of the pair. The mom to be picked the winning pair based on which diaper she liked the most.

And the last little activity we did was my favorite!! 

Since this new little baby is a combination of mom-to-be and dad-to-be, I contacted both of their mothers' to find out what they were each like as a child. I had each mom send me a list of 10-15 things that each of them did as a child. Then I made a "Mom? or Dad?" sheet. The guests had to guess if each statement was about the mom-to-be or dad-to-be. If the statement was about the mom-to-be, she got to open a gift. If it was about the dad-to-be...well, then we all just go a good laugh!

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Do you have a favorite baby shower game?

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  1. Such cute ideas! You are so creative!