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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adventures in Decorating: Shelf Arrangement Poll

I need your help, please! As I showed you last week, we checked off one of our Home Improvement 2012 Goals! Daniel built and put up these beautiful shelves...and now I have been gathering little pretty things to display on them...but I can't quite pick an arrangement that I like. Would you help me?! Over on the side bar I made a poll. See it...right about the followers (WHICH REMINDS ME ONLY 1 MORE DAY TO ENTER OUR 100 FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY!!!) the little question "Which arrangement do you like best?"

I am welcome to other arrangement suggestions too! The frame kind of has to stay on the top shelf...but other than that I can move and arrange...
I kind of like having these 2 together - Daniel go the statue for me as an engagement gift, and that little picture is our first kiss as husband and wife! 
So vote, suggest, give ideas...
AND then jump over to enter the 100 followers giveaway!


  1. I vote for option #1 and Dad votes for option #2....except, Dad wants to know why Daniel's helicopter isn't on the shelves because they look like such nice landing pads = )

  2. Love the shelves! I vote #3 :)

  3. Option #3. What are you gonna do if there's a tie?