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Monday, May 21, 2012

Adventures in Media: Very Exciting Video Clip

The other day my mom sent me this video link for a news segment on their local TV channel.
 Here is the link.
Go ahead, give it a's only a minute or so...

Mrs. Prchal was my 5th grade teacher! And she is so deserving of this award! Now, I was one of "those kids" who really liked school (for the most part anyway). I enjoyed learning new things, and liked being challenged to work harder and reach my goals. This was all put to the test in 5th grade for me in Mrs. Prchal's class. In that year she taught me to think and work independently. For the first time I remember being given the choice to learn more about things I was interested in. To take my education into my own hands. To search for and discover the answers to problems put in front of me. The video says she prepares her students for "The Middle School" and it is true. Not only that but now I realize she was preparing us for life in the real world! 

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you all today. Do you have a teacher like this from your school days? One that was influential in your life for more than just the one year you were in his or her class? 

(just a little extra picture...because every post needs a picture!)


  1. What a wonderful tribute to Mrs. Prchal, Veronica!

    I forwarded your blog post to her as a word of encouragement, and she replied: "That is so cool! She brought me to tears!! Thanks for thinking of me ~ Jodi"

  2. HI Veronica..this is a beautiful site! You and your husband look so happy together! Congratulations on your marriage! Your mom linked me to this and it literally brought me to tears! I am so glad that I helped to inspire you! Thanks for the tribute! Mrs Prchal, Grade 5 Teacher

  3. What a nice tribute. Reading this has made me reflect on the many great teachers in my childhood school system.