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Friday, April 20, 2012

Adventures in Gardening: Friday Favorites

For my 
friday favorite things | finding joy
I thought I would share with you some of my favorite garden flowers. Since we are working in the back yard, {as seen here} my gardening is limited to the front yard. 
I like to chose flowers and plants that are special to me. 
Here are 2 of my favorite:

My Great Grandma Mae (who is turning 96 years old in May!) planted these little flowers every year on the sides of the walk way up to her house. Some of my favorite memories at her house were playing in the attic and taking the dead blooms off the moss roses so another one could come out. I would do both of these activities for hours with her, and now picking the dead blooms off of my own moss roses does not seem like a chore, but a time to sit and remember my Great Grandma Mae. 

Sweet Peas
I have never tried these before, 
but got some seeds at the store yesterday and am going to start them.
My dad always called me Sweet Pea when I was growing up...
come to think of it, he still calls me that from time to time. 
I LOVE anything that has a sweet pea fragrance - Yankee Candle makes a great sweet pea candle that is not to strong, and Bath & Body Works had (may still has) a great lotion that smells like sweet pea. 

What is your favorite garden flower?
Happy Friday!


  1. Pretty pics! I am loving the lily-of-the-Valley and lilacs blooming right now in my garden.

  2. i have never heard of moss roses...i am going to check to see if they grow in minnesota! how lovely, and what a great memory of your grandma. that makes them all the better! i love lilies of the valley and hydrangeas.

  3. In this hot climate, we are somewhat limited in what will grow. I do love the jasmine, and black eyed Susans are also a favorite.

  4. oh, beautiful choices! gardening is such an adventure, isn't it? this is our first spring in our first home so i've been having so much fun planning out all my gardening dreams! :)

  5. Last year we planted flowers for the first time and did tulips. they are so pretty but don't last long! I'd like to try other ones this year!