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Friday, April 27, 2012

Adventures in Blogging: Friday Favorite Things Random Style

friday favorite things | finding joy
I am going for more of a random list of favorites this week, because I was not feeling particularly passionate about any one favorite thing...
Favorite kind of pizza = Canadian bacon, onions, and green peppers 
Favorite season = Fall 
Favorite vegetable = asparagus
Favorite subject in school = History
Favorite author = Sarah Sundin
Favorite super hero = Captain America
Favorite book of the Bible = Philippians
Favorite foreign accent = Australian 
Favorite Summer Olympics sport = SWIMMING!!
Favorite breakfast cereal = Cinnamon Life

Do you have any random favorites you would like to share on this wonderful Friday?


  1. roasted asparagus is my fave, too! making it tonight... you reminded me just how much i love it.

  2. So glad to find you at Julia's

    LOve asparagus,usually Autumn however this Spring has been glorious, reading my Kindle, time with family!

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  3. Swimming is my favorite olympic sport too ! Then gymnastics ! Great answers girl ! Have a wonderful Friday !