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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Adventures in Life: Happy Pi Day!

No, I did not forget a letter in the title. Today is not Pie Day.
It is Pi Day. You remember from high school math class...think back...
I loved celebrating Pi Day with my students when I was teaching, 
and well, pretty much anyone else who will listen now. And anyone who likes pie!
It is a great way to introduce vocabulary and concepts to students in a memorable way.
One of the games I played with the class was "Pin the radius on the circle"
Just like pin the tail on the donkey. 
Except the donkey is a circle. 
And the tail is a radius. 
They loved it! And it couldn't be easier to set up.
We also did activities with circles, fractions, and word problems about pie 
"If Mrs. Hill had 3 pies and there are 20 students in the class, how many slices must each pie be cut into to make sure every student gets a slice? How many pieces will be left over?"
When getting a slice of pie is the reward for getting the math problem correct,
 math suddenly becomes VERY important. 

Their favorite was this story:
It is an exciting story filled with Dragons, Knights, and Ladies,
filled with great math concepts and vocabulary! 

And yes, we ate pie.
The kids learned math all day and they thought it was the best day ever.
So have a slice of pie, review some math, and have a 
Happy Pi Day!

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  1. Happy Pi Day, Veronica = )

    Your students were very blessed to have such a creative, thoughtful, generous, fun you!!