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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adventures in Media: Favorite TV shows

Honesty time...
We watch to much TV. 
There. I said it. 
There are days when our TV does not even get turned on,
but more often than not, 
it is on,
and our bottoms are parked in front of it.
That being said, we don't just watch whatever show pops on, and we don't have cable. 
(The only time I REALLY, REALLY wish we had cable is when 
show is on the Food Network) 
Netflix and Hulu streaming through our XBOX has really changed the way we watch our favorite TV shows. 
For much less than we would have to spend on cable, we can watch almost any episode of any show we would like, whenever we want. It is nice...and leads to way to much time in front of the TV.
ANYWAY, I just thought I would share a few of our favorites of the moment...
Richard Castle is a famous mystery novelist who finds inspiration in NYPD Detective Kate Beckette, a bright and aggressive homicide detective. Castle and Beckett investigate strange homicides in New York, combining Castle's writer intuition and Beckett's creative detective work. Castle's sense of humor is right up our alley, and the writing in outstanding, the plots are never predictable. Some of the homicides are a bit graphic, but nothing like some of the other detective shows that are on. Mondays at 9pm ~ this is what we are watching!

Well, the morals behind the premise of the show are, um, lacking. But Jimmy is a single dad raising his daughter (Hope). Jimmy lives in his great-grandmother's house with her and Jimmy's parents. It takes all 4 of them looking after each other to raise Hope. The great-grandmother is HILARIOUS, and the family values of the show are truly unique. The parents work hard to provide for their kids. They don't buy what they can't afford. And while they are not the smartest people on the block, they love each other! It is a fun show. 

People, watch this, like now. Another show with an unlikely partnership. Neal Caffery is a charming criminal mastermind. He works under the supervision of FBI agent Peter Burke. Together they solve cases in the white collar division. Neal's prison release is dependent on his behavior and helpfulness to the FBI, but he still finds ways to work on his own agenda. Peter is a very by-the-book kind of guy, but working with Neal starts to loosen him up after a while. This is a great show! 

This is a quick-witted comedy/drama about Shawn (who's father helped him develop acute observation skills) and Gus (Shawn's reluctant side kick and best friend). They are hired by the SBPD as consultants because Shawn fools everyone into believing he is psychic. Shawn and Gus use their skills to solve crimes - it is hilarious! 

OK, there you have it. Our favorite shows (at the moment). 
Do you have a favorite TV show?


  1. We watch way too much too. Or at least DVR too much. Sometimes we'll spend an entire Saturday or Sunday getting caught back up. It's always a scramble to get everything cleared out before we go on vacation so that we don't miss anything while we're away (sad, I know). I won't list everything we watch (it's embarrassing) but my new favourite is Alcatraz. And Shameless. And Person of Interest. Hubby likes The Walking Dead and The Finder.

  2. I like to watch Glee. One of my personal favorite. I usually have time to Watch TV Shows on weekends. I never miss any chance to watch it. Infact me and my sister, we often fight for remote control while these tv shows runs. She love to watch Walking Dead.

  3. I'm a big fan of the Biggest Loser and The Amazing Race. Other than that, my 1st grader and I love to watch Dick Van Dyke and The Andy Griffith Show on Netflix. When Luke worked afternoons (he was gone 1:30pm-midnight), we would watch a LOT of Netflix. One of my favorite things was when we took one week this month completely off of TV/Netflix. Now Luke is working days and we don't have Netflix on as much ;)

  4. My favorite shows are The Biggest Loser (motivating), Modern Family and Up all Night(funny), The Housewives - Bev Hills and NJ (guilty pleasure), and House Hunters/other HGTV shows, (like old friends)! Oh, the family also likes Cake Boss. : )

  5. we got rid of our cable awhile ago too and use netflix and hulu. i do miss some of the cable shows but it isn't worth the cost! i have to check those shows out!