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Friday, February 24, 2012

Adventures in Life: Ironic

Does anyone else find the name of these delicious little cookies completely and totally ironic? 
Or is it just me...
We LOVE our neighbors. 
We love our neighborhood.
Our neighborhood is FILLED with little girls. 
In just the houses directly adjacent to ours there are
 5 sweet little girls. 
And they are ALL in Girl Scouts. 
And what person can turn away a cute little girl selling cookies...
So we have 10 boxes of cookies in our house right now.
My favorite is the Thin Mints.
I like to put them in the freezer. 
Or put them on top of ice cream...
and I ponder the irony of the name as I eat half a sleeve  4 cookies (cuz that's the serving size)
What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

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  1. Samoas!! Yummie! Although, Thin Mints are good, too!

  2. shockingly so, i have never got into thin mints! to think of it! i know, i'm like the lone soul. but i'm guessing you are going to enjoy yours for a long while. : )

  3. I can't get enough of the caramel delights/Samoans.

  4. I too love Thin Mints. Sadly there are no girl scouts in my neighborhood, but Walmart always allows them to sell outside the store, so I can get my fix.

  5. Tagalongs....there's nothing better than peanut butter & chocolate together!!

  6. Now, isn't it the truth, just can't refuse these little girls and it's for such a great cause. I'm a Tagolongs girl too, love peanut butter and chocolate!

    Thanks for stopping by, I've so enjoyed browsing your site and will definitely be back. Blessings to you for a happy weekend!

  7. That is definitely ironic! My favorites are the Samoa's but I'm not picky! :)

  8. Thin Mints are my favorites too. I could seriously eat the entire box in one sitting.

  9. I love Samoas, but envy your surplus of little girls. Since my little sister-in-law quit girl scouts years ago, we have no one soliciting. :( At church you say? Not so much, Catholics aren't into fellowship like Lutherans are, I miss that from my protestant days. Maybe when Jackson and his classmates are a little older.