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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adventures in Home Decorating: Valentine's Day Garland

I don't have a fireplace
or a mantle.
But I love garlands! 
My parents just moved to a new town house 
and now my Mom has 2 fireplaces and 2 mantles!
So, now when I get the itch to make a garland, 
I can just send it to her! 
Mom~ If your package didn't come yet, DON'T SCROLL DOWN!
Here is my Valentine's Day garland...
Supplies: Felt, yarn, glitter glue, needle, cardboard and scissors

Make a bunch of hearts of different sizes and colors.
 The longer your garland, the more hearts you will need.

 I wanted to add the word "LOVE" to the middle section, so I made some triangles and traced the letters

And added some glitter glue

I measured my yarn and then lined up all the hearts and letters in the pattern I wanted to have them on the yarn. I am much to Type A to just go random on this! I have a thing with symmetry...I cant help it.

 Tie a loop at one end of the yarn and start stitching a few stitches down the center of each heart. I used a plastic knitting needle for this because the eye hole is large enough for the yarn. It was a little hard to push through the felt, but I made it work. Every once and a while move all the hearts down to the end of the line...

 For 3 of the hearts in between the letters, I glued a contrasting heart over the stitched heart. This will help keep the hearts from shifting on the yarn. 
I packed it up and sent it off to my mom. When she gets it up, I will post a picture!


  1. What a cute idea!

  2. I love it! Your folks moved into a town-house?! I have mixed feelings, I LOVED your house! However, they now have this really cute garland, so wherever it is, that's a plus.