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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Biggest Adventure Thus Far

I am a sucker for "before" and "after" pictures. 
Anything from people, to living rooms, seeing what it looked like before compared to after is always amazing to me. So, as the title of this post suggests this is the "before" picture of our biggest adventure - remodel of our house! This was taken on the day we closed on the house (Aug 2009)

Notice overgrown bushes, cracking stucco, mismatched windows (and this is only the outside) had hard work written all over it and was exactly what we had been looking for (I know, I know, we are crazy!)
This adventure is still in progress, but looking at the "after" pictures makes me smile
Picture it without Christmas lights, and with green grass and flowers.  
Also, photography skills are something I hope to develop as this blogging adventure unfolds!

Some of the outside improvements we have made are: 
new windows (still working on exterior window trim)
new stucco, new exterior lights,replaced shingles, 
replaced gutters and installed facia (white stuff under the roof line), 
and my most favorite feature of the outside: the front step banisters custom built by my wonderful hubby! 
Well, he did most of the other work too ( the only thing we hired someone to do was the stucco), but the 
banisters are my favorite. (They took forever and a day to paint!)
Had I been thinking of blogging at the time, a picture tutorial on how to build these banisters would have been in order...but alas it was not on our mind at the time. 

What is the favorite part of the outside of your home?


  1. Wow! I can't believe how different it looks. You guys have done awesome work. We need to get back to Chicago and see it again. Unfortunately, the outside of our home is not pretty at the moment (we're going to be painting it in the spring!!) but my favorite part is definitely the back yard!

  2. oh wow! great job! My favorite part of the outside of my house is my mailbox I think. I came to your blog via a comment on another blog, the nesters I think. Welcome to blogging! Kelly

  3. Your exterior re-do is adorable!! So clean and fresh looking. Your newest follower, found you from your guest post this morning.