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Monday, March 4, 2013

Adventures in Blogging: HELP!!!

No need to be alarmed, but I wanted to make sure to get EVERYONE'S attention.
Because I need your help.
Yes, you!

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about
and how I have been working on some super fun crafts because 
I am auditioning for Season 15...
Well, today is the day folks! 

Today is the first day of voting for the audition crafts. 

Here's the deal:
Missy (the brains behind SYTYC) wants bloggers small and large to have an equal opportunity at this craft competition. So the auditions, and all of the rounds after that are totally 100% anonymous. Bloggers with lots of followers can't just call on all their peeps to vote for them. We can't enter a project that has been show on our blogs before. I can't tell you which project is mine. You have to honestly pick which project you like the best. All I can do is provide a link and ask that you vote for your favorite project.

So would you please take a few minutes to click over, 
check out the projects, 
and vote for the one you like best?
**Actually, the voting system is a bit different this time. You will be ranking the projects in order how much you like them. First, second, third...and so on. There are directions on exactly what to do when you 

Thanks friends!
Happy Monday